Don "World's Biggest Bowhunter" Pollauf

I have had a bow in my hand since young age of 4, thanks to my Dad. My dad is a very successful bowhunter who taught me a lot that I know today in Hunting and Archery. I have turned the passion of Bowhunting into an every day job (really not a job,lol) with my show Bowhunting Addiction TV that currently airs on Pursuit channel 52 weeks a year.

I really enjoyed playing football with my experience getting me a position on a Semi Pro football team into my early 20's. I am Pretty Big guy 6'5" and 380 pounds, and played left tackle on offense most of my short football career. With Football and Hunting running at same time of year it was hard to choose what direction I was going to go in life. Of course I chose Hunting along with Outdoor Video Production. So I have gained the nickname "World's Biggest Bowhunter" in my hunting career as the Host of BHA TV.

I grew up in great state of Michigan, in Algonac. I remember when I was younger my Dad would take my Brother and I up to Deckerville to hunt starting at a young age. I have been hooked since!! Hunting for me is the experience, its not always about shooting that 150" monster buck. I just really enjoy being out in Gods country showing viewers the different experiences on my hunting Journey.

I have 3 Kids including Brittaney, Tyler and Mkena which I have passed the tradition of Bowhunting to them! I am truly Blessed to be doing what I love and that's Bowhunting!

Tyler Brown

I am Tyler Brown, I live on a farm in Cheatham County, TN. I do a little bit of everything from building sheds and barns to farming tobacco. I spend the majority of my day out in the sun and having my Taiga Cooler on hand to keep my drinks cold and my food fresh is a must. Durability is a requirement, and the Taiga Cooler provides that exceedingly. I am also an avid hunter, and having a cooler that keeps things cold throughout an out-of-state hunt allows for a more enjoyable hunt. Keep Taiga Coolers in mind for your next cooler purchase.

Ty Day

It all started at age nine with his first pheasant hunt, that Ty Day from rural Dalhart, Texas acquired the passion for hunting that runs through his veins. He has spent many early mornings and in below freezing weather out decoying geese and ducks. For several years, Ty enjoyed hunting with family and friends all migratory birds, pheasants and wild turkeys. It wasn’t until 1997 when Ty harvested his first whitetail deer that he embarked in the love of big game hunting. Whether it was a Kansas whitetail, an Alaskan Moose, a Northwest Territory Dall Sheep or any of the other amazing hunts Ty has been blessed to experience so far. His passion for hunting has grown with him over the years.

Ty’s an outdoorsman at heart, being a partner in a family farming operation for over 25 years that his dad started over 50 years ago. His love for the land, the animals and the tranquility of the great outdoors is what draws him into hunting. He has had the privilege to go on some big game hunts to some remote areas and meet some amazing people along the way and learned their stories. Ty’s most recent hunt to the Northwest Territory on a Dall sheep hunt, he had the honor to meet and hunt with a wounded warrior, which was an invigorating experience for him and enriched his life in many ways. Ty has harvested ten of the twenty nine North American Big Game animals, which is a life long goal for him.

Ty’s passion for hunting does take a second place when it comes to his family. His wife, Adriane of fourteen years and their three beautiful daughters Avi (6), Raimi (3) and Tacori (6 wks old) are his real trophies, even though they love and understand his passion for hunting. Although Ty has three girls, he strives to instill in them his hunting heritage. For him, it’s about spending quality time with them and teaching them about life away from the many distractions from our world. He took his oldest daughter Avi at age 5 on her first spring turkey hunt in Oklahoma and she harvested it in about an hour in the field. It was an amazing moment that they both will never forget.

Ty is involved in a few organizations that take pride and support hunting. He’s a life member of SCI, super slam member and a member of the Hunting Fool, which his wife says couldn’t describe him any better. He has been a member and involved in many local conservation for hunting in his area.

Ty is very passionate about the sport of hunting and takes great pride in being able to do it. He loves all aspects of hunting and respects everything about it. The challenge, the drive, the scenery that God has blessed us with, the animals, the people he has met and the experiences that comes with each hunt.

Ty has been an avid bow hunter for 16 years and prefers to hunt with a bow than a gun. So far in his journey of life, he has been richly blessed and hopes to continue doing what he loves, to hunt until his last breath. Ty knew an older man that was a local, who had gone out to hunt with his sons on a pheasant hunt and died out in the field because of a heart attack. Ty said what better way to go; he was doing what he loves with who he loves. That’s Ty Day! Some would call it a passion, others an obsession, Ty’s wife calls it an addiction, but says there are way worse things to be addicted to than hunting!

Ashley Kosack

As a native to one of the largest public hunting systems in the country, the swampland is my home. With ten years of hunting under my sights my range for adventure continues to grow. Though Florida is known as the state with no season, that statement is only true for those who don’t hunt. I strive to keep myself on the edge of my stand by following the large variety of species, with whitetail being my favorite. Archery was the greatest serendipity moment, when my now husband introduced me to the sport. It was then that my passion sparked for the outdoors. From then on I am eager for the early morning hikes covered in Mossy Oak with my BowTech in hand. Now as a certified instructor, I get to share my knowledge and understanding of the hunt with new hunter's that take my Hunter Safety Course. The most joyous part for me is the excitement I see in the faces of my children and others that I have in encouraged.

Brian and Alexis Spicer

No Limits Hunting was founded in 2013 and has quickly risen through the ranks of the outdoor industry. “NO LIMITS” comes from the belief and practice that you can achieve anything in life while hunting around the world living your life to the fullest. The No Limits Hunting Team has been fortunate to be able to hunt around the world taking numerous plains game and dangerous game species in Africa. The team has also been successful on elk, whitetail, mule deer, hogs, and many more. No Limits Hunting is focused on top quality outdoor programming and look forward to many more years of bringing our adventures to the Pursuit Channel as we continue our quest for the Big 5.

Tom Spisz

It all began at the age of 4, going out in the woods with my Father and the rest is History! The love to hunt is in my blood, but my passion lies by doing so with a bow in my hands.From a small town in Michigan my game of choice if Whitetail and Turkey. With soon additions of Bear and Elk. In the off season I compete in 3D competitions and weekend tournaments." Tom is a true Outdoors man, everyday that he is able to step foot into a field or the woods, he looks upon as a blessing to be in God's country. Tom actively promotes and participates in Quality Deer Management and conservation. Tom is also a pro staff for a few other outdoor and archery companies. He values his opportunity to do so and counts it as a blessing. In 2013 Tom founded an organization later to become a charitable archery nonprofit in 2015 known as, Shoot For Life, where he sits as acting President. Shoot for Life takes the sport of archery by hosting archery shoots to help fight illnesses. Their goals are to help eradicate life-altering illnesses all while letting archers bring their passion to the fight and encouraging others to try out the sport. One day Shoot for Life hopes to host various events in all States across the United States. Tom says there is much joy of being able to cross the sport of archery with the fight of eliminating illnesses and making a difference. Being an Avid bow hunter, archer, and President only gets better when that is able to be shared with his girlfriend, Alyssa. They enjoy hitting tournaments together, back yard shooting, and she films Tom on his hunts. Tom hopes to be a role model for many and encourage others to go beyond the bow.

Alan Wade

Alan Wade started quail hunting with his Grandfather in Mississippi in 1970. Those bird hunts turned in to a lifetime obsession with hunting for him. Alan has been fortunate to have the opportunity to turn his obsession with hunting into nearly a fulltime job.

Every August, Alan starts his hunting year in South Louisiana. First on the agenda is alligator season. He has 30 days to fill the alligator tags he receives from the state. The number of tags average around 100 per year. It is a busy start to the year. Following alligator season, Alan is off to guide whitetail deer hunts in Illinois, Alabama, and Mississippi. Along the way, he squeezes in a little duck hunting in Arkansas.

Mid-February ends deer season and starts to ramp up for spring turkey season. Alan’s turkey hunting takes him on tours to Texas, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Illinois, and Nebraska. On two occasions, he added Campeche, MX and Chihuahua, MX to his turkey tours resulting in two National Wildlife Turkey Federation’s World Slams. August through May wraps up around 277 days of hunting for Alan. However, it is just in time for some serious fishing.

Alan is the Vice-President of the United Blood Trackers Organization. This organization trains some of the finest blood tracking dogs in the U.S. His dog, Scout, a chocolate Labrador, has recovered hundreds of record book deer over the past ten years.

Alan proudly continues to fill TAIGA Coolers with lots of big game from many states. He is passionate about the outdoors and wildlife management. He resides in South Louisiana with his wife, Amy.

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