Build It

We construct through building and licensing the tools and products you need to be successful.

We build high quality, effective tools and programs that will enhance your brand and business via visual communications, graphic design, verbal communications, content, content management systems, website design, ecommerce and web apps, shopping carts, data mining, warehousing, reporting, social media pages, and much more.

Coupled with a proper and consistent execution of the 'plan' you can experience success with your marketing efforts.

Responsive Website Design

responsive website design illustation The big, often wrongly used, buzzword in management and boardroom circles is SEO. This is confused with SEM (Search Engine Marketing) the actual promotion of your business and tools, website, etc. SEO is the actual BUILDING of a properly formatted website with the proper CONTENT so that you can experience success with your SEM and Online Advertising efforts.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock Google is the primary, some would say only, search engine that you should be targeting with your SEO focused building.

Google has what they term 'ranking signals' these are various components of the SEO Build that create positive or negative scores of your site. One such signal is whether your website is mobile-friendly. This is a website that renders on a phone or mobile device effective and properly formatted pictures and text that make it readable without pinching and expanding your fingers on the screen. There is not need to zoom in so that you can read or click.

In the early days of the mobile computing revolution, companies would have to build a separate website for the mobile users, an expensive proposition for many and an extra layer of support and maintenance. We build websites that are termed 'responsive'. These are single websites that detect what type of device the consumer is using and renders the web pages and material that is friendly to that device. One website, one piece of code = lower building and maintenance costs.

With more and more people using some type of mobile device including tablets, any new website should be built mobile-friendly. If you currently operate a website that is not mobile friendly, you should look at your traffic analytics and you will be surprised by what you see. Look to see how many people leave your site (bounce) if they are on a mobile device. This means they got to a page and left IMMEDIATELY because they could not read anything. If you look at statistics over the past 3-5 years and you see an overall total decline in website visitors then your non-mobile-friendly is a negative signal on your website. You better address this right away. We can help. contact us today for responsive website design.

content marketing circle illustation


You may have heard the saying 'Content Is King'. A properly built website with SEO in mind includes a successful application of this slogan. Your organization may have accumulated an enormous amount of data over the years, leveranging or monetizing this data should be a goal.

Google looks at your data, the quantity and quality of which presented logically and properly is what SEO is all about.

Let us help you view your data strategically then create tactical implementations to generate your best opportunity for success.

Builders' Tools

We employ a variety of tools to help our clients solve their problems and meet their goals.

  bootstrap: a css framework.
  foundation framework (css)
  coldfusion application server
  microsoft sql server
  qryit: a content managment(cms) and shopping cart application developed with ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL and Bootstrap.
  big commerce
  constant contact
  mail chimp
  adobe photoshop
  custom shopping carts
  video delivery applications
  fully custom applications

We are not really fans of Wordpress. We do see some visually appealing sites, templates and tools. However, it is because of the daily updates to core functions and addons that concerns us from a security standpoint. Do you have the resources to completely test your website everytime you add a plug-in or update? You many encounter incompatibilities or vulunerabilities. If you check with a number of hosting companies and they give you a straight assessment they are going to tell you that Wordpress sites have a much higher instance of intrusion / hacks. This is a risk you must assess.