At the heart of most of the websites we design is a database. Databases allow us to amass large datasets; provide tools to ensuring clean data and can even have backoffice communications. They can reside outside or behind a firewall. They can provide horsepower to programs and applications even off loading some of the processing from the web server.

Teamed with a content management system the database form a powerful union and can enable individuals or teams to service or work on the administrative side of the website.

Our primary database of choice is Microsoft's SQL Server. It has the capacity and power to handle many types of applications that we have developed. One such application is for the Sons of Liberty Museum a non-profit Museum. Comprised of over 40 tables this extensive database contains 10 million rows of data and serves over 500,000 web pages. It includes a custom 'movie theater' for online videos using a subscription model a la Netflix.

We can create a web based front end for existing databases, create new databases and data interchanges between systems. Please contact us to discuss your project.