Communication = Commerce

Communication leads to commerce. Conversely, commerce cannot occur unless there is communication, some form of communication. In today's world it follows that eCommunication = eCommerce. Abbreviated, Comm=Comm and eComm = eComm. Interesting how that works out.

Not sold on that? Let's look at a bit of history. How did the first merchants in the bazaar sell their wares in Egypt, Asia, feudal Britania or other localities of the world thousands of years ago?

They communicated; they yelled and cajoled prospective customers to look at their product offering. It's not so much different today, think about it. The objective was the same but the tools and technology have evolved. Bazaars, Retail Stores, Malls, Trade Shows, Offices, Websites are the evolution of locations for commerce. The method of communication encompasses face-to-face, telephone, fliers, direct mail, radio, television, website and social media.

So what is the common thread if any? It's all about establishing a personal relationship with the customer. If you cannot establish a personal relationship with the decisionmaker whether an individual or corporate manager then you will not succeed with getting them to be a customer. Make a connection. Today, with everything focused on eCommmerce the primary challenge is establishing personal communication and relationships in an impersonal world.

As a business offering a product or service, knowing your customer and solving one of their problems or filling a need is your first task. Segmentation factors into tactical application. Our process focuses on your customer and how we can help you efficiently and effectively communicate with your customers or prospects. We are largely focused on the "e" variation of Comm. Like all components of building and promoting a business, this is a dynamic area of operations. It takes work, there is no "GO" button that you push making everything automated while you sit back on easy street or relax in that hammock in Hawaii. Even the new promise of artificial intelligence in some applications requires work and that involves building the proper foundation.

Nomenclature of today and even that of the past held that the promises of technology advances would make everything simple. One of the most egregious falsehood today is the buzz phrase "Salesforce Automation". The promise, the connotation if a false positive. Nothing is automatic. Instead, you should leverage the technology of today to win, to augment your communication efforts and create efficiencies in various processes, but you still have to put in the work.

We help our clients navigate the world of these new technologies that promise everything, viewing all things through a very clear lens, and offering you a focused strategy. Then it is up to you to execute. Contact us today to see how our skills can help you communicate with customers and prospects, exceeding your eCommerce goals and aspirations.

Video Is Hot !

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Application Like Netflix?

Video has become the golden boy for marketing. The use for video in business has reached critical mass. If you are not using some forms of video, you are way behind the curve.

So how do we utilize video?
- products
- sales and promotion
- training on product usage
- training - for internal processes.
- creating a gallery
- creating an online theater

Barriers to Entry
- products
- Capital. For a long time the costs to create this type of platform were prohibitive but tech improvements, platforms, cloud operations and other considerations have lowered the barrier to entry.
- Content. Depending upon your needs some content can carry substantial costs.

What do I need to make this happen?
- products
- Servers (Cloud).
- Delivery Mechanism, Content Delivery Network (CDN)
- Software
- Content
- A Plan

Where will this operate?
- products
- Will this be an intranet operation?
- Need access restricted by department or other criteria?
- Will there be content available to general public
- Will it require a login / permission to access
- Is it available to all freely
- Will there be a charge for viewing?
- Monthly Membership
- Pay per View

What Security Do You Require-Desire for your content?
- products - Highly secure
- Little or no security

What are Features Required-Desired?
- products
- User Registration & Profile, Communications & Notices
- Viewing History
- New Content Highlights
- Featured Content Highlghts
- Content Management System
- Content Suggestion Algorithm
- Multiple Device and Screen resolution Compatibility

We have developed a platform in which a customized application can be generated for clients based upon their specific requirements. This technology stack contains a player that is delivered to the client via the web browser and responsive design with bootstrap. Phones, tablets and desktops are supported. We do not offer video content creation; there are specialists for this or you may have in-house capabilities. Our platform is the delivery mechanism for your content.

Please contact us to discuss your project or your own Netflix to help you communicate to your audience.

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