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Measuring Performance

Successful marketing programs measure performance, this may include the number of new visitors to your site and other measurements or metrics that we will review as we help grow your business.

It may include people that turn away from your site. It will include other demographics including the platform they are using and keywords that they used in search.

The goals may be an increase in sales or registrations for a program or newsletter. Defining your ROI metrics before tactical implemention are key to interpreting the success of your plan.

Good measurements + good decisions = business growth.

Performance Data

Where to record and store it. How to get reports. Analysis of results. We help with all of this. Which PPC campaigns are successful, which are not. One tool we use is Google Analytics and you should too, but there are other mechanisms depending upon the platform being used. Many social media platforms have their own analytics reports.

Are you getting visitors but not much conversion to what you want them to do? Maybe you have a design problem. Can you get this information now? Want to? Contact us and we can help you grow your business.

Marketing Adjustments. As with any campaign as you get data on which to base decisions, you may and will refine the campaign and its goals. Internet marketing is a very fluid environment and the only thing you can be certain of is change.

Defining Success

Is it a phone call, an email, a registration, an order... with these defined, we will implement measuring mechanisms.

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