data mining
data warehousing


  • visual communications, graphic design
  • verbal communications, content
  • website design
  • ecommerce & web apps
  • data mining, warehousing and reporting
  • facebook pages & social media

    Data Mining

    What is Data Mining? It is the compilation and extraction of information that allows you to make strategic decisions and grow your business.

    Data mining is important in our process because internet marketing is a fluid environment and you need new and relevant data on which to base decisions on the design and marketing budgets for your web design.

    Data Warehousing

    Our clients data is stored in a database, upon which we can run queries to give us analytics on a variety of factors.

    Measure ad campaigns, search placement success, number of visitors, the pages they have accessed and frequency.

    Do you know or understand any of the numbers that you are getting right now? Are you getting any numbers right now?


    "Our newsletter lets us remain in touch with our customers and increase sales."

    - Actual Customer

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    Data mining business strategies.